12 things you’ll only know if you shop at Waitrose

Waitrose is not just a supermarket, it’s a way of life

There really is only one supermarket you could waste the whole period in! Love of this’ browse paradise’ should have these Waitrose realities down to a fine art.

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Waitrose shopping experience

Image credit: Waitrose

1. Waitrose free coffee

With the myWaitrose placard you can enjoy free tea or coffee in store- although these days, to enjoy it, you’ll be required to bring your own goblet. Still, if that isn’t a reasonablenes enough to get up in the morning, we don’t know what is.

2. The’ necessaries’ series makes something very different to us mere mortals Waitrose free coffee

Image credit: Waitrose

Because you are able to never have too much cambozola in your fridge.

3. But when they say indulgence, they truly do represent it Waitrose free coffee

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Only in Waitrose can you indulge in such pleasure.

4. The euphorium that is the Waitrose periodical Waitrose free coffee waitrose facts

Image credit: Waitrose

Oh the recipes! From gooseberry crunch gulls to purple budding broccoli kedgeree, they’ve got your every lust covered.

5. The lure of witnessing supercars in the car park

No second-hand Micras now … not that we are hating or anything!

6. The suspicion that countless nutrients ought to have made up Waitrose facts

Image credit: Waitrose

But this just utters us require them even more. Cotton Candy grapes and Pumpkin apples here we come…

7. It is impossible to buy just what you came in for Waitrose free coffee

Image credit: Waitrose

Before you know it, your streetcar includes quinoa crisps, snowbergines and plant-based pizza bases.

8. They endorse British display Waitrose facts

Image credit: Waitrose

Supporting British farmers, artisan both producers and organic growers is at the very heart of what Waitrose do, and we are forever grateful.

9. They have in-store tastings. Guide me the gin!

Yes, genuinely. Though this is only available in certain stores. Click here for more information.

10. You can get your dinner in a pouch Waitrose facts

Image credit: Waitrose

A fancy bag, that is. No more chocolate-brown paper bags for us!

11. Snowbergines, courgette pizzas and Prosecco cheese are a thought! Waitrose facts

Image credit: Waitrose

And we want in.

12. The #OverheardInWaitrose page

Customer: “Were these Partridges shot? “Butcher: “No Madam, we managed to talk them into surrendering” #OverheardInWaitrose

— #Marcher (@ MarcherLord1) January 31, 2015

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This is just one of the incomparable middle-class ponders boasted on a Facebook page dedicated to the chatter among affluent shoppers in Britain’s poshest supermarket. If you don’t previously know about this, we indicate you glance it up NOW! Here’s the Facebook page. You’re welcome!

If this list doesn’t want to obligate you go to Waitrose, we don’t know what will. Can you think of anything else?

Happy shopping!

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