Giovanna and Tom Fletcher give us a glimpse inside their stylish new nursery

The couple invited Wayfair into their stylish fame residence to transform the nursery, ahead of child numeral three

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher have given us a view of their stylishly decorated new nursery. The award-winning columnist and super celebrity mum and her husband are awaiting the entrance of her third child( due in September ).

In preparation they’ve teamed up with Wayfair to end a makeover projection on the nursery.

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The result is a stunning pastel-perfect and gender neutral infinite, lovingly prepared and awaiting the reaching of baby Fletcher.

Giovanna uncovers all … Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher's nursery makeover

Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen on behalf of the members of Wayfair

You’ve created a beautiful house residence with your husband, Tom. Tell us about it.

We moved into our live 12 years ago. We’d bought a substantiate residence, which was great for us at the time. It was hassle-free and searched splendid. But as experience went on we realised it wasn’t really awfully’ us ‘. It didn’t show off our identities or concerns. It wasn’t specially practical, either, in matters of storage. About two summers ago we decided to make some amends and I’m so glad we did. The house is now a accumulation of the things we love.

How did the design of your home change when “youve become” parents?

Having children forced us to look at our dwelling differently. Firstly, we realised that children take over. There’s not a single apartment that doesn’t contain some sort of child-related item. Before we became parents, we did an extended’ risk assessment’ in the members of this house, which altogether freaked us out. Stair gates led in. Fastens were fitted on fastens!

Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen on behalf of the members of Wayfair

‘Since we’ve really redecorated we’ve been able to have more amusing with the space.’ Giovanna goes on to say.’ The boys still have to be careful, of course, but I’d say our form has become more family-friendly. I want out home to feel like people live there.

What was the muse behind the new nursery?

I truly wanted to freshen up the seat as it’s not been redesigned since it became Buzz’s room four years ago( the couple’s firstly child ). I demanded a fresh, clean cavity that felt homely and pacifying. It is significant for it to be gender neutral as we aren’t finding out the sex of the newborn- although when he or she is born we won’t be adding ladens of pink or blue-blooded!

Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher's nursery

Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen on behalf of the members of Wayfair

What are your favourite components in the nursery? Why do you affection them?

The jungle themed wallpaper is stupefying and lends so much to the gap, while at the same time being neutral and tranquilize. I genuinely affection a statement scheme- we have flamingos in the downstairs loo, an intricate story-based design in the boys’ apartment and then full on’ grow dominance’ in my power!

The tipi tent is lush- such a unique but affordable touch and I can really dream the newborn lying in there and taking it all in. There are also so many textures to explore with the cushions, discards and carpetings and the muted pastel tints helping make it all look so beautiful.

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Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher's nursery

Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen on behalf of Wayfair

‘I’m also really happy with the wardrobe and changing unit. Newborns come with a lot of stuff .’ says Giovanna.’ Being the third child, this child is acquiring a fair few drapes, so it’s good to have somewhere to throw it all. I desire the design of both sets of components as they feel really unique.’

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Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher's nursery

Image credit: Ingrid Rasmussen on behalf of Wayfair

We love the attention to detail. A child’s room is made all the more spirited by sugared accessories, such as the decorative kite and animal illustrations.

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One thing’s for sure, newborn Fletcher has one exquisite apartment to welcome he or she into the family home.

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